La Russie, puissance d'Eurasie, Histoire géopolitique des origines à Poutine

La Russie puissance d'Eurasie. Histoire géopolitique des origines à Poutine, Ellipses, 2012, par Arnaud Leclercq

(...) Loin des clichés médiatiques, plongeant dans les profondeurs de l’histoire et de la géopolitique, Arnaud Leclercq nous offre une réflexion atypique et inscrite dans la longue durée, nourrie d’une connaissance intime des Russes. Il met en lumière les constantes religieuses, identitaires, politiques de la Russie et trace les perspectives d’une puissance qui, n’en déplaise à l’Occident, sera de plus en plus incontournable.
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Arnaud LeclercqArnaud Leclercq is not your archetypal banker. Within Emerging and Developing Markets he is reputed and has been so for many years. However, in a private capacity he specializes in geopolitics and in particular that of Russia and the CIS region. Arnaud currently lives and works in the Middle East.

After completing his secondary education at College Stanislas in Paris, and contemplating a move into the armed forces as an officer, he opted to complete law school at Paris Assas University majoring in corporate law & tax.

In late 1989 – 1991, he closely worked with a senior partner of a prominent law firm in Paris to advice on the first major acquisition and joint venture deals in Eastern Europe. Convinced of the lucrative opportunities in the market and aged 25, he established his own consulting firm in Moscow with a bias to provide legal advice to international companies moving to Russia — Le Nouvel Observateur Business World Weekly Delovoir Mir (Business World) The Moscow Times. The business evolved towards providing these companies with a robust legal framework related to the real estate sector. The practice grew rapidly in this domain attracting multinationals such as Microsoft, Panalpina, Schlumberger and others. These tumultuous years in Moscow were marked by two tentative coups (1991 and 1993), a great instability and a high level of insecurity. Nevertheless, they were also very exciting times with an exceptional level of freedom, propitious for entrepreneurship and true and faithful friendships built in difficult times.

After merging his business with a US group, Arnaud decided to return home to start a family and embark on a MBA from HEC Paris (alumni).

These tumultuous years in Moscow were marked by two tentative coups (1991 and 1993), a great instability and a high level of insecurity.

These tumultuous years in Moscow were marked by two tentative coups (1991 and 1993), a great instability and a high level of insecurity.

Upon graduation Arnaud joined the construction conglomerate, Bouygues International and was chosen by senior management to join the selective ‘key young talents’ programme. There he enjoyed challenging assignments in administration, finance and later in the management of prime developments.

Arriving in Warsaw in early 1996, Arnaud Leclercq witnessed how remarkable Poland could be. While maintaining its secular identity and independent spirit, the country saw its future with pragmatism and facilitated a steady growth of its medium sized companies. In Turkmenistan, coupled with his professional duties, Arnaud advised the President’s office on how to increase its practical knowledge of international contracts. In this rather barren environment, privileged discussion could be handled with diplomats and high ranking local leaders about geopolitical shifts in the Caucasus & Central Asia. Not yet widely perceived, great powers of activism and of the US in particular were already discernible. The world would find out several years later why Eurasia is of paramount importance on the Grand Chessboard so clearly outlined in Zbigniew Brzezinski’s seminal book.

Back to Moscow in February 1998, the major financial “default” crisis on August 17th underlined the international banks and institutions blindness and bad faith as well as shameful predation by certain oligarchs to the detriment of an impoverished population.

The country is on the precipice of complete ruin. However, thanks to long standing friendships with individuals that are now part of the new elite, Arnaud Leclercq begins to understand that in spite of a general very negative consensus in the Western world and daily proof of a calamitous situation, the Russian ‘bear’ will soon exit from his lethargy and return back to significant power that will manifest itself sooner rather than later. Vladimir Poutine is a clear embodiment of this re-birth, which happened immediately after his appointment to the premier position. He expressed his views on Russia’s future role based on its long term History and identity, embracing both the Tsarist era as well as the Soviet one.

In 2000, Arnaud joined Credit Suisse as a private banker pdf rapidly becoming global head of Eastern Europe and one of its most senior 20 Managing Directors.

He then completes his education at Harvard Business School (alumni) within the General management program.

Business Mir summer 2008A new business model emerged from the merger of Credit Suisse and its investment bank CS First Boston. The enthusiasm expressed by the market was not shared by Arnaud and as a result he decided to join a famous Geneva private bank as a Partner of Group Holding. Since then and up until today, he is heading New Markets which consists of the Middle East, Eastern countries and to a larger extent Non Resident Indians and Africa.

In Singapore Arnaud was nominated as “Outstanding young private banker Europe” (2007) by the internationally reputed Global Awards. He now lives in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

During his years spent living and traveling extensively in Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Central Asia, Switzerland, and most countries of the Middle East, Arnaud Leclercq has also dedicated time teaching seminars at universities and participating as a speaker to conferences. He has also cultivated relations with the press via articles and interviews. In parallel to his busy professional life and under the guidance of Professor Jacques Soppelsa, a highly respected French geopolitician and previously President of Sorbonne University (Paris I), Arnaud Leclercq obtained his PhD summa cum laude with his thesis “Russian Geopolitics – the long term weight”.

Married to a fine arts artist, Arnaud is the father of four children. Living in a cosmopolitan environment and several countries over the last 20 years, Arnaud remains very much tied to his roots and enjoys any spare time in the country-side of Brittany and Burgundy.


DubaïLegal advisor in tax & real estate in Paris & Moscow (1989 – late 1994)

Bouygues International (1996 – 2000) : Contracts manager for a newly started venture in Poland, CFO in an important subsidiary in Turkmenistan, Development Director in Moscow

Credit Suisse (2000 – 2006) : Managing Director, global head Central Europe, Russia and Central Asia. Member of the Board of Credit Suisse Monaco. Member of the Board of Credit Suisse Advisory Partners

Swiss bank (since 2006) : Group Managing Director, Head of New Markets. Member of the executive Board of the private bank since 2008


Winner in 2007 of the « Outstanding Young Private Banker Europe » by the Gobal Awards in Singapore www.